Food Fashion Fusion is born of passion; we love food and we prepare our meals lovingly and carefully.  The ethos that underpins FFF is making everyday food an extraordinary experience and we achieve this by presenting our meals uniquely and using fresh produce and good quality ingredients to prepare them.

It is also important for our meals to be relatable to our consumers so we incorporate a lot of locally grown produce and ingredients into our recipes. From baked goods, canapés, main meals and desserts we are primed to cater to your personal and corporate needs.

By bringing delicious, wholesome cuisine to our clients we marry various food flavours and textures thereby yielding surprising delights and creating amazing food memories.

We look forward to sharing the FFF experience with you


I am a food nut and have been cooking since I was 8 years old. After navigating my way through the corporate and non-profit sector, I downed my industry tools and picked up a kitchen spoon. With no formal culinary training, but armed with a zeal for food, I ventured into this bold frontier laying my stake on extraordinary everyday food…..I also have a flair for the dramatic.

FFF is a love child that has been nurtured by all who love me and love good food and I have the best support that I could ask for. I choose to honour God in all I do; I believe that I am surrounded by beauty and seek to recognise this every day.