Food Fashion Fusion is born of the desire to provide extraordinary meals using relatable everyday ingredients; this the ethos that underpins the company.

We are careful about sourcing our produce and even more careful in ensuring that it is prepared to meet our clients’ expectations and needs.

We bring artistic expression and nutritional balance to food and we are very proud to  occupy this novel space in the industry.

Our goal is to deliver positive food memories and experiences to our clients.


Nkem is a self taught gourmet cook who enjoys creating edible art. She infuses her creations with the passion with which she approaches life. Every meal or dessert is meticulously planned and executed, meeting her exacting standards before they are dispatched.

She is happiest when she is in her creative zone and embraces new challenges wholeheartedly.

Outside of the FFF Food Lab, she is a wife and a mother to two amazing little boys.

She loves to write, paint and relaxes by reading a good book accompanied by soft music.

She has been listed by Leading Ladies Africa as one of Nigeria’s top 100 Inspiring Women.

She is in constant awe of God’s majesty and believes that she is surrounded by beauty