Blue dress with white lace apron

My favourite Pink Dress with pink velvet sash

It has taken me the better part of me to start this blog but here I am and here goes………… There is nothing more gratifying than being connected to that unique element within you that lights a spark in your soul. You know, that “thing” that fascinates you, that makes you want to explore, to create. In my case, it’s the love of fashion and food.

Since I was about five years old, I remember being mesmerised as a I watched my mum get dressed to go out. She would open up her vanity case and there would be all these glittery things in it; necklaces, earrings, rings, beads, watches all pretty and sparkly, calling out to me. I would want desperately to rummage through the case and try some things on but with a stern glare from her, I would promptly relocate myself to my “watch-post” and dream of the day when I would be a grown up too and will have my very own vanity case filled with shiny baubles.

As a child, I always knew what I wanted to wear and often times my mum would stare at me, bewildered, as I stomped my foot and said, “I don’t want daffun!” “I want deeffun!” She would usually give in provided I wasn’t angling to go to school in a Diana Ross inspired sequined dress.
I remember this amazing pink dress that I had. It had the prettiest floral print, a pink velvet sash, which I thought was so princessy, and a white lace collar. I wore that dress until it was almost thread bare. On my sixth birthday my parents bought the most amazing dress (to me it was). It was light blue and had a white lace apron that fit over it and tied on the sides. Oh! How I adored that dress……..In the same breath, I remember rather vividly this hideous outfit my mum imposed on me! The trauma! It was from Mothercare, it was maroon and the outfit could never quite decide if it was a skirt or a pair of shorts. Yes! Audible gasp! My mum forced me to wear skorts! And I hated every minute. It was one of those outfits that had a matching checkered maroon shirt. What really got my goat was that my sister did not suffer the same indignity. No! She had a similar outfit in navy blue but hers was a proper skirt. So why oh why would mum make me wear skorts? Well, I survived that phase and I think the outfit disappeared mysteriously after a trip to my hometown. Maybe I let it float away in the stream and maybe I didn’t, who knows?
More about my fashion and culinary exploits soon!

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  • zuri perle 'atinuke a'

    Nice one kiks. Your poor mama. I can definitel relate to u though. Although my favorité thing were a pair of red peep toe, kitten héel shoes I had in secondary school. Used to sneak them in my bag to school cause my mum wld hv had a fit if she knew.

  • Fosky

    I am sure lots of us girls have those ” great” things such as clothes and accessories we loved as children. Me? i decided to be a tom-boy when my mum dressed me in 1 too many frilly dresses! For the love of God, i really dont know where she unearthed those clothes from but they were made to thoroughly embarass you at a party! I rebelled and refused to wear anything but jeans and t-shirts….Alas, I am now learning (in my old age, I must add) to be more “girly” LOL…
    Love the article, brought back memories!

  • Gbemi

    Lol @ “Maybe I let it float away in the stream and maybe I didn’t, who knows?”
    You wikid girl! hahahaha
    I hated dressing up!! All I wanted was jeans and t-shirts. Yes, I was a tomboy. My mum? She would have none of that! She dressed us up in Lemon green Lycra dresses and orange patent leather wedges for her brother’s wedding! I was bout 16 or so. I wished I could disappear!!
    Nice one babe….Looking forward to more juicy stories ;o)

    • nkemdilim

      My dear! That outfit needed a resting place downstream away from me! I shudder at the prospect of wearing lime green anything with orange patent anything! You poor darling!! 🙂 More to come soon!!

  • Amanda

    Oooh! Fashion and Food? I love this!! Though I must admit that my fashion sense seemed to have quenched with age. I always loved to watch my mom dress up with her numerous pairs of coloured pointy toed Cartier shoes,(Remembered wondering if she was a centipede she had way too many of them), or go off in her usual Catherine Hepburn or Jacky Onasis style, it was easy to see where her inspiration came from. Loved the cords and skulls too!! But my absolute fav fashion era was….wait for it…florisent green, electric blue, shocking pink, weird punk hair dos, friendship bands, studded wrist bands, hair gel…don’t ask me why!

    • nkemdilim

      Pastor Mandy, I honestly doubt that your fashion sense has waned at all! You are fas too modest. I would love to meet your mum! She sounds tres courant! About your love for flourescent/acid colours – my lips are sealed :D. Please come back again to read more about my foray into fashion and food 😉

  • debbie

    Lol! Nope i can’t say i had childhood fashion sense but I got quite some pretty girly frocks thanks to my fashion designer mum. I also remember a matching pair of shorts and t-shirts that simply had to disappear, as i had worn the living daylight out of it and was still insistent on rocking-it on!It simply vanished. Thank God for mums!

  • Kalu Ikeagwu

    Nkem, the only thing I share in common with you is watching my mum, as a child, put make up on before going to some function with my dad at night; she was so beautiful – and still is. i only realized a few years ago, that I had been chasing after her in the forms of beautiful, slim, dark complexioned ladies for the best part of my life. i have since ventured out to explore what I really like> Kinda girly girly but nice read!

  • Seyi

    Oh, I bless God that you did not decide to hide your talent. You are good at writing(amongst other things), and I know you are still on a journey of discovery. The best is yet to come.
    This piece is very interesting and it reminds of the time when my mum used to buy only ‘churchy like’ clothes for me. So I basically did not have ‘baffs’ while growing up. I really do not wish to rememeber all the funny looking rainbow dresses and funny hats I had to wear back then, but I am 100% sure she did it with the best intentions so I have forgiven her.
    I do hope that one day, our kids would not cringe at the sight of our fashion choices for them. I also hope that we do not give them the future ‘skorts’ like outfits. With the kind of fashion coming out now ehn, Time will tell.
    Well done Nkem. You are a Star

  • Lebs

    Well done Dilim! You had me dreaming and reminiscing for almost 30 minutes about my best and worst dresses as a child. I believe its in our DNA as females to have a relationship with fashion from an early age. I remember from the stretched hair or wigs, to scottish skirts and smocked dresses and polyester ‘bongo’. When I shop with my girls now they rarely like anything I suggest but when i shop alone for them, they like everything. i don’t get it. But its all good, I think we are better than our mothers on this score since my girls shop from my wardrobe.

  • emanemah

    Lol@ mysteriously disappeared. Yeah I understand dat feeling. Oh ! The good old days as children. Aloof in our dreams, of how we will be princesses in our pink dresses! It’s crazy. Lovely read.

  • O!

    hi nkem! how did I miss this article when I read through all the other articles? Anyways this is me publicly saying I LOVE YOUR basmati rice and white sauce (did you really think I was gonna say I loved you? Really Nkem?). Anyways I lost your number when my phone put its legs in the air and died. Please send me a whatsapp line. *kiss kiss*


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