If you are like me, you would have embarked on a long journey with your hair and would have had good times and the “what-on-earth-were-you-thinking times”.
Mine has been quite the road trip. As most of us do, I started life with a decent head of hair; full curly and quite unruly. After surviving the age of natural hair management by straightening it out with a hot comb, weaving it (also known as corn rows) and threading it (an african hairstyle that, involves a special technique of wrapping the entire length of hair in cotton or plastic thread), I resorted to the not-so-natural way of managing it using relaxers. After relaxing my hair, I ventured into the world of weaves and braids. I assure you that each hair making style/technique listed has been painful and time-consuming and yet I have put up with this inconvenience for years (please don’t ask why).

Curly and Kinky a 2005 hair experiment with a kinky weave

My hair in "feathered" braids (2010)

Big long braids (2010)

Corn rows with extensions (April 30, 2007)

Long straight (side parted full head weave) (2007)

A failed attempt at a Kerry Hilson hair cut (November 2010)

Braids with human hair extensions (ths hair stye is known as "pick n drop" in Nigeria) (December 2010)

Rocking a fringed weave (March 2011)

I am at cross roads in my hair sojourn; ironically I am at a point wear I prefer to wear my hair naturally. After years of relaxing, braiding, fixing weaves and everything in between, I am trying to reverse some of the hair damage that has resulted from my hair experiments. If you gasped audibly, I wouldn’t blame you. It is a very unnerving situation to deal with.

But it’s not all gloom and doom, I have discovered many products that could help repair hair damage and loss. (Please note that I am self-confessed hair product junky and strongly recommend that you get proper medical consultation if you suffer from severe hair loss). In my quest to restore my hair to its former glory, I have used the organic root stimulator range; I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the outcome and then I moved on to the Dr. Miracle’s range and there were no real miracles there for me either. I now use the Groganics range and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the outcome so far. Although, I have to add that I have also stepped down the number of times I relax my hair in year to just once and I use an amazing gentle relaxer from the Kanellia range; I believe that this has improved the overall texture and welfare of my hair.

Wigged out - January 2011

Wigged out II - I currently alternate between this look and wearing my natural hair as shown below

Au naturel (July 2011)

Au naturel (using Femi's tie as a hair band 🙂 ) (July 2011)

I have close friends who wear their hair completely natural; free from any chemical processing and I have to say that they look amazing. However, I haven’t been so bold as to take that step just yet. Maintaining natural hair requires a good measure of discipline and the use of natural/organic products such as shea butter and castor oil etc and to be frank, I don’t have the fortitude to follow through.
If you have been endowed with great hair, please don’t take it for granted as I did;  nourish it and care for it. Use products that suit your hair and follow a good diet.
Trust me, you do not want to have a hair today gone tomorrow episode.
I would love to hear about your hair adventures and pictures would be great too!!!