It has been a few good months since my ast post. My absence was not intentional at all; I have been on a quite a journey. On this journey, I have been through so many changes that food, cooking and matters about fashion etc were not in my top priorities.
I have taken a few wobbly steps towards re-establishing my presence in the kitchen and I am definitely more interested in fashion and trends than I was a few months ago. In fact, last month I was a guest blogger on and was actually paid for my writing! A very exciting development I assure you. These are the links to the articles I wrote (be sure to check them out):
Styling Relaxed Hair for the Holiday Season
A Cheat’s Guide to Maximising Relaxed Hair
Styling and Caring for Relaxed Hair
The Process of Relaxing your Hair
The Quest for Long Relaxed Hair
This is one of my attempts at cooking recently. It is so weird how I felt unsure about measurements and flavours after having not cooked for a long time but it all came back to me slowly.

Spaghetti and Meat Balls

On one occasion during my cooking hiatus, we had a guest over for lunch, so I resorted to ordering food in.Thankfully our guest enjoyed the meal. πŸ™‚

Shredded Beef in Black Pepper Sauce and Mushrooms

A very dear friend and ardent supporter of my blog made some sushi. I was so proud of her that I promised to showcase it on my next post.

Kiki’s Homemade Sushi

There you have it! I haven’t abandoned food and fashion fusion and there will definitely be more posts from me as we head into the ver so exciting holiday season. To all my friends and family in the United States; Happy Thanks Giving!

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