So my entanglement with fruit based desserts didn’t end at mangoes; oh no! I went bananas; I literally went bananas!

Peanut butter and dark chocolate banana ice cream

It all started when I got invited to a girls’ Barbecue hangout and we had to bring a plate along. I was completely flummoxed as I wasn’t feeling “cheffy” nor did I wish to show up empty-handed. As I eyed the contents of my fridge and pantry, it struck me that I had a huge bunch of bananas which my mum had supplied (she rarely does things in small measures), cinnamon sticks from my forage in a spice souk in Dubai (many moons ago) and some self-raising flour, it just seemed natural to make banana fritters.

All set to make banana fritters

I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of making this treat; I love to eat them but had never attempted to make them. I set about grinding the cinnamon and sifting all the dry ingredients. Prepped and measured the eggs and milk, made the batter and was ready to commence frying. The first batch looked misshapen but I finally figured how to get less grotesque looking fritters. Before the cooled I dusted them with castor sugar and icing sugar and I must say, they were divine. They were warm, spicy, soft and oh so decadent. The tray of fritters was welcomed heartily at the hangout; the accompanying salad was firmly ignored.

Banana fritters with a dusting of sugar

My spirits bolstered, I proceeded to make banana fritters for the rest of the week which damn well nearly drove Femi bananas; in fact I don’t think he can bear to even look at the fruit now.
Undaunted, I found an amazing one-ingredient ice cream recipe as I wandered through Flipboard and I just “knew” that I was destined to make it. What was the one ingredient? I hear you ask…..Bananas of course!
There were five recipes to choose from but I opted to go with the peanut butter and dark chocolate options. The recipe was easy enough to follow and in no time I had peanut butter and dark chocolate flavoured banana ice cream.

Much to my amazement, Femi hated it! After I got over my mild mortification, I was secretly pleased because it left more for me. So I was two for two.

Dark chocolaty goodness

Undaunted and determined to bring him into the banana republic, I decided to incorporate a Vietnamese fried banana treat into a Sunday lunch menu. Typically this recipe is served as a dessert but I altered the ingredients of the batter to give it a more savoury slant; think fried plantain encased in savoury rice flour crust.

Savoury Vietnamese influenced fried bananas

And yet again, it was another failure to Femi’s banana assaulted palette. While I thought, “Interesting take on the fried plantain option”, he was thinking “I never want to see that on my plate again”.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom for my banana adventure; my son tasted mashed bananas for the first time and absolutely loved it!
In the end, it all got to my head; it really did. I made a snap decision to chop off my relaxed hair and go natural. In the spirit of all things natural, I found an organic banana and honey hair conditioning treatment on-line which was simple enough to put together. The only problem was, the banana bits got stuck in my hair despite several vigorous rinses. I ended up spending over an hour combing bits of banana out of my hair which was tedious to say the least.
I’d say that I conquered the banana, using it in every conceivable way, and am now pondering my next conquest 🙂
When cooking with chopped or mashed raw bananas it helps to squeeze some lime or lemon juice over them so that it inhibits the natural discolouration of the fruit.

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