Don’t you just hate walking past a dessert display longing to plunge in head first but you can’t because you are either lactose intolerant or can’t take gluten or diabetic or just on a diet….sigh…..does it ever end? I have marvelous news for you; there is hope and it is called “Coconut citrus cream cake”.
By now you know that I am a recipe trawler and I found this fascinating recipe that truly seemed too good to be true. I took a quick stock of my supplies and realised that I had all the ingredients to hand even the odd sounding agave nectar.
In case you are wondering how I got hold of agave nectar in Lagos, I must quickly point out that it was given to me by my best friend. She has undergone a total life style change and diet overhaul which means no sugar, gluten or dairy consumption. You would think that her life would be dull and dreary but no it isn’t! Because of her I am now aware of a whole new realm of foods that include quinoa, agave and almond flour. She is a nut for almonds by the way; just in case you were curious…….anyway I digress……
The original recipe called for just lime and is in fact a coconut lime cream cake. I took one look at it gave it my own twist and ended up with something quite marvelous. Instead of a pistachio crust I used dankuwa or dankwa and almonds.
Dankuwa is peanut based snack from North Nigeria; it is spicy and sweet and invokes memories from my childhood; It is a real treat.

I also took the liberty of using lemons, oranges as well as limes for a zesty zingy kick to this dessert.
1/2 cup flaked almonds
6 balls dankuwa or dankwa
2 Tbsp Agave Nectar
pinch of salt
1 can coconut milk, chilled overnight (you could also use coconut cream if available)
1 avocado
6 Tbsp Agave Nectar
2 tbs lime juice
2 tbs orange juice
2 tbs lemon juice
1 tsp coconut extract
Zest of 1/2 lime
Zest of 1/3 orange
Zest of 1/3 lemon
1 can coconut milk, chilled overnight (you could also use coconut cream if available)
The “How – to”
Mix the crust ingredients (dankuwa, almonds, agave, and salt) in a food processor until the mixture holds together. Divide evenly between the muffin pans. Press the mixture firmly with your fingers or the back of a spoon into the bottom of the pan, set aside and commence making the filling.
In a food processor combine the rest of the ingredients. You only want to use the fatty, cream part of the coconut milk or coconut cream which, if chilled the night before, will be nicely separated to the top of the can and will scoop out easily. Mix ingredients until well combined and evenly distribute the batter into the tart shells almost to the top (leave at least half an inch) and place in freezer.

To make the topping use your second can of coconut milk the same way as the first, scooping out only the solids. whisk with hand mixer until it resembles whipped cream; it will firm very soft peaks but won’t hold it’s shape. I sweetened the coconut whipped cream a little with 1 tbsp agave nectar.
Pull cream cakes out of the freezer and create a smooth top with coconut whipped cream. Place back in freezer and allow to set up for at least 2 hours. The longer it stays in the freezer the better.
When you ready to serve remove from the freezer and take cream cakes out of pans. If they are frozen solid they should ease out fairly easily with some gentle teasing from a knife. Be careful that the base doesn’t separate from the creamy center and top.

Let it sit for about 10 minutes before serving. And you should have a delicious treat with varying citrus notes that will delight your palette.

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