During my vacation I knew that if I didn’t go on the much talked about spice tour I would have nearly gone out of my mind. So I booked the tour and waited excitedly for the day to arrive.

Going through the farm and observing these fragrant tasty herbs and spices in their natural habitat was nothing less than enlightening.

From the weird to the wonderful. Wonderful for me being the opportunity for me to see the vanilla bean plant and actually buy vanilla beans!




The red fuzzy fruit is said to be used as a pigment in lipsticks. The herbs on the farm are used optimally in making a variety of scents, oils and soaps. In fact my tour guide informed me that the main scent used in making the famous Chanel No. 5 originated from Zanzibar! I was so mesmerized that I gave in and purchased some hand made soap.


Of course I purchased vanilla beans, some gorgeously hued saffron, mixed spice packet and nutmeg.

I bargained hard and got what I considered to be a superb deal.




I was now equipped to literally unleash more aromas and flavours on my family and friends…..and I have too. It’s as if I have been seized by a cooking and baking bug. In fact just the other day, I said to myself, “I must be addicted to my oven!”

In my next post, I will share some simple delicious recipes that I have made using my newly acquired spice and herb stash.

FFF tip of the day: Bruising, crushing or toasting certain herbs and spices helps to release their natural oils and intensify their flavours thereby giving more aroma and taste. Pepper corns taste better when they are cracked or crushed, rubbing rosemary leaves between your palms releases it’s heady fragrance which transfers beautifully to your food as it cooks.

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