Hello, my name is Nkem and I am addicted to lemons…….the truth is, I honestly can’t quite remember how I became captivated by these tart bright fruits but I am helpless! I seek to infuse them in everything I make!

I knew I there was a “problem” when recently, I hosted friends to lunch (yet again 🙂 ) and I presented the poor darlings with TWO lemon blueberry inspired desserts! TWO!! Thank God for my husband who made the quick smart decision to buy some banana split ice cream.

So on the fateful day mentioned above I made a lemon blueberry cake and a blueberry lemon poke cake. Yes; the poke cake rears it’s head again.

The lemon blueberry cake is from an amazing recipe I found on Eat Little Bird and the poke cake was from Swanky recipes.



My guests were very gracious about it and did to point out the obvious (you just have to love good friends!) but it really set me thinking…….

I lay before you evidence of my errrr emmmm fascination with lemons.

Exhibit 1Lemon poppy seed loaf. This delightfully speckled moist cake left me waxing lyrical from the minute I tasted it! Look at it and tell me that you aren’t drawn by its black speckles and suggestive hints of yellow. Drowned in lemon syrup this cake is moist tangy sweet with the slightest crunch from the poppy seeds. I am helpless to resist!


Exhibit 2 – Lemon blueberry parfait. Just the prospect of making lemon curd from scratch was enough to get me to make this dessert. It was such a rewarding experience making it. The best part was the mmmmms and ahhhhhs from my friends as they ate every spoonful.



I will share the recipe for this very soon.

Exhibit 3No bake citrus cake. So I found this recipe for a no bake lime cake which was great but I took one look at it and totally revamped it. Get the amazing recipe. The best part is that it is absolutely guilt free! No sugar, no dairy, no gluten and no baking! If you are entering a food trance , I understand; it’s incredible right?


Exhibit 4Lemon blueberry bar. I will shoot straight from the hip; you need to taste this! That’s all I am going to say!


Exhibit 5 – Blueberry and lemon poke cake. Do I really need to say anything about this?


Exhibit 6Lemon drizzle friands. These dainty little wonders are gluten free and delicious. Get the full recipe and “how to” guide here.




Exhibit 7Lemon blueberry cake – Don’t think for a minute that you have seen the last of my lemon and blueberry pairings!



Exhibit 8 – Lemon jello something-or-the-other. Honestly speaking I don’t even know how I came by this. All I remember is that hubby bought packets of Lemon jello on impulse when he went grocery shopping last December and I pottered around with it, threw in some condensed milk at a point and voilà. I promise to reconstruct the recipe 🙂


Before you pass judgment please know that I also apply lemons to my savoury meals too. They are uh-maz-ing for lifting flavours and adding a burst of freshness as the ensuing evidence will prove.

Exhibit 9 – Panko and pistachio encrusted salmon. Truth is, fish and lemons were meant to be; don’t question it just accept it. Recipe soon


Exhibit 10 – Whole roast lemon chicken. There aroma and flavour of this roast will stun you!


Exhibit 11 – Prawn scampi. Again lemon and fruits de la mer? A perfect match. This pasta dish is simple delicious and impressive to look at. The recipe will be up soon….I promise….


Exhibit 12 – Lemon as a garnish – can you spot the lemons? Lol!

Beef stroganoff


Spaghetti and creamy chicken


Pilau rice and coconut cream sauce


Spicy fish and spaghetti


Of course I made lemonade! Sadly I didn’t always have the discipline to take pictures first but I have a few shots that will suffice for evidentiary purposes.

Exhibit 13 – Pink Lemonade. This was something I just threw together using the children’s black currant cordial, fresh lemon juice and some water.


Based on the preponderance of evidence that I have set before you, what is your ruling?

Just before I sign out, when you have a moment, take a lemon and examine it, smell it, feel it. Then cut it in half and examine it some more; if you are not struck by the beauty of this fruit then I rest my case!

FFF Tip of the Day – Although lemons make an excellent addition to so many things, they can overpower if not used in a balanced fashion. Always taste and adjust when using fresh lemons to prepare your meals.

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