By now you MUST have had your fill of Jamie Oliver’s Jollof rice news aka jollofgate and quite frankly I don’t blame you. Although I do have to say that I was puzzled by his venture into jollof rice preparation but I shrugged it off and moved on…..apparently the rest of the African continent was not as forgiving…..

Anyway FFF loves jollof rice and I wanted to share our two favourite versions.

The first is our infamous FFF developed “Thai Style Spicy Jollof Rice”. This sweet-savoury dish packs a punch as it spreads warmth in your mouth from the layers of chillies In it.




As you can see it is very versatile and pairs well with meat, chicken or fish.

Another FFF favourite is “Dafaduka”. This smokey flavoursome meal is the Hausas take on the ubiquitous dish. The use of smoked fish , locust beans and palm oil gives the recipe a certain je ne sais quoi.



Get the recipe for Thai style spicy jollof rice here and the recipe for Dafaduka here

I wonder if Jamie will now venture into making a “pucker” gbegiri and amala. Will he scatter rosemary on the amala? Will he substitute beans for chickpeas in the gbegiri? So many burning questions!

It has been so quiet around here that you could hear the wind blowing. ….incredibly it’s been a whole month since my last post.
I don’t know any blogger who doesn’t suffer these inadvertent lapses. …

In the past month, I have been up to quite a bit both on the personal front and the FFF front. There will be done exciting days ahead!

Speaking of excitement,  there us a fabulous event coming up on October 10, 2014: It’s called the Lagos Veg