Beyond cooking, sharing recipes and posting fab pictures of food on every corner of the web…….the web has corners; trust me it does……I also want everyone who interacts with FFF to come away with some inspiration and be armed with information about food and life as a whole.

Food is an amazing vehicle for bringing people together or at least getting people’s attention; so now that I have your attention πŸ™‚ Let me introduce you to Tayor Kiser the fabulous lady who runs Faith, Food and Fitness.

As is customary with me, one day I was trawling the web like a homeless food blogger when I stumbled upon her blog. I paused, furrowed my eyebrows, scratched my head and muttered to myself, ” There IS another FFF?!” SOUND THE ALARM! CALL SCOTLAND YARD (or in my case the NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE)!!! Anyway, after my dramatic session with myself ended, I proceeded to comb her blog and read her posts andΒ  I was completely bowled over! She was so funny, down to earth and creative! I liked her instantly! And like any true fan would, I lovingly left a trail of comments on various posts πŸ™‚ and like a true star that she is, she responded! Does it get any cooler than that? I think not!!!

Without fear of being dubbed a “weirdo cyber stalker“I approached her, virtually of course, and asked her to grant an interview and the rest as they say is history.

Because of her, I was able to convince my patient, ever longsuffering hubby to take us to IHOP for breakfast during our holidays to the States recently. The boys loved it and I must have gained at least 2kg from the meal that I had on that day but I have NO regrets whatsoever!! Thanks for tip Taylor!!

Kitkat at ihop

Gbemi and I at ihop


As you read this interview, be inspired by this amazing lady who thinks nothing of sharing her Christian faith, her amazing food and her health concious approach to life!!


What inspired the name of your blog?
I have ALWAYS said that I value the 5 “f”s in life: Faith, Food, Fitness,Friends and Family. Of course, using ALL of those would have been a little bit long for a blog name, so I decided to pick the three that my blog would focus on, and so “Food Faith Fitness” was born.

Β How did you come by making delicious meals that are healthy?

I have always loved to cook. I grew up around people that loved to cook as well, and also wanted to teach me how to do it. Because of this, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, so cooking has just been a natural thing. Once I was old enough to make my own meals, I decided to focus on healthy food as that was the lifestyle that I was after.

I noticed that you incorporate a lot of your personal life in your posts including your faith; why do you do this?

I think people want to read about people who are “real.” They want to know that my life isn’t perfect, and that I actually have a life outside of the internet world. There is only so many ways to say “this recipe is really delicious, and you should totally make it!” Because of this, I have decided to include a fair chunk of my personal life. I know some bloggers disagree with this thinking,but I know that I like to know that the blogs I read come from real people. I also incorporate my faith because, as a Christian, I believe it’s my mission to spread the word about the love of Jesus. I am actually really shy in real life, so it’s hard for me to go up to people and express that, and the blog has been a great way to do so!

What is your go to recipe when you have unexpected guests?

My go-to recipe for unexpected guests is this Cilantro Lime Tilapia. It’s SO quick, easy, healthy and I always have the ingredients in my pantry. Plus, everyone seems to really love it. It’s my go-to for guests and for a quick dinner for myself, when I’m short on time…which happens a lot πŸ™‚


What do you do when despite your best efforts a recipe just doesn’t pan out the way you had hoped?

Cry. Just kidding…sort of. I have a “three times and you’re out rule.” This means that I give a recipe idea three times to be successful (unless it’s just TERRIBLE right off the bat, or I know EXACTLY what it needs to be great on the third round.) If it just isn’t working out after three times, there is no point spending all the money on groceries for it to keep failing. I have a huge list of recipe ideas, so I just move onto the next idea. No biggie!

What ingredients do you always have in your pantry?

In my pantry there is always Coconut flakes, Whole Wheat Flour, Brown/white sugar, Honey,Vanilla extract, cocoa powder, oatmeal, quinoa, cous cous, Brown rice pasta, peanut butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I consider those some good building block ingredients to both sweet and savory meals!

What advice will you give to people who want to learn how to cook or who want to carve a niche for themselves as food writers/bloggers, restaurateurs, chefs?

If you want to learn how to cook, well, COOK! You don’t need to go to school or have some fancy degree. You know what flavors you like, so just start cooking with them. Sure, some of your recipes will be terrible – so are mine! But, you’ll be surprised as to how many taste great! I promise. πŸ™‚

If you want to become a food blogger, my biggest piece of advice is to only do it because you LOVE it, not because you want to do it as a career and make money. There are TONS of food bloggers out there, and it’s REALLY hard to turn it into something that you make an income off of. I have put countless hours of work into Food Faith Fitness and, in turn, have missed out on a lot of my “real life.”But, I do love that it’s my job!

What is your favourite American meal of all time?
Okay: I’m not sure if you want an actual meal, like breakfast lunch dinner? Or a favorite food? Here’s answers for both and you can pick! πŸ™‚

My favorite American Meal of all time is, hands down, breakfast! I could eat oatmeal, eggs and pancakes for every single meal of the day. In fact, I make my husband go eat pancakes at IHOP with me once a week, or else I start going into pancake withdrawals. πŸ™‚

i hop Pancakes

My favorite American Meal of all time is cheesecake.
Yes, this isn’t a total “meal” but at the rate that I can eat it, it could be considered one! Ha! I love all flavours and varieties too! Now, if only I could find one that was healthy enough to live off of!



About Food Faith Fitness:
Food Faith Fitness prides itself on producing delicious, creative recipes that are family friendly and have a healthy spin. Taylor believes that eating to nourish your body is as important as eating to nourish your soul, and that means that eating healthy should not be bland and boring. On Food Faith Fitness you will find a variety of different kinds of recipes including breakfasts, main meals, desserts, and snacks. You will also find a few various tips on health and fitness and thoughts on faith, all to promote living a well rounded and balanced lifestyle. Finally, all of this is tied together with story telling, wit and a sprinkle of humor to keep Food Faith Fitness readers coming back for more!


Be sure to visit and follow Food Faith Fitness; it is chuck full of s much!!


If you enjoyed this post stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚




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