Welcome to FFF’s second interview!!! I hope you enjoyed the first, if you missed it you can read all about “Inspiring through Faith Food and Fitness”

I got to know of Jane Reed when another blog I follow (Leanne Cole Photography) had her on as a guest blogger. In that post she shared amazing tips on how to capture food beautifully with a camera. Her subject of choice was this stunningly vivid dragon fruit. I had never seen a piece of fruit look so beautiful! So after I had gulped  all her photography tips, I threw myself headlong at her blog and pored over it. …..If you are thinking I sound a little bit crazed and over enthusiastic, read my previous posts and keep up!!! 🙂

The I went to the about page of her blog where she shared what she calls her “Green Tomato times of life” and I was transfixed and inspired. I immediately sought her out on twitter and left several messages for her telling her about how inspiring I found her to be. I think I also left my trademark trail of comments on her blog as well….lol. And graciously, ever so graciously, she responded to every missive I sent. She even offered to give me free photographuy lessons!!

I don’t want to give too much away. Please read about this special lady below.

Your blog is so beautiful with captivating pictures and pretty interesting recipes, how long have you been into blogging and photography?

I have been a photographer for over 20 years. I started in portraits and then moved on to documentary and finally food. I found my passion in food photography but still enjoy documentary, fine art and nature photography as a hobby! I officially began blogging in 2008 and have not stopped since.

I truly love how the blog has evolved and allowed me to meet interesting people all over the globe.

Despite, what I imagine is a busy life, you also manage some health challenges. Could you please share a little about it and how you cope?

Oh my goodness! Yes, I don’t think I ever sit still! I run a very busy household and a busy business. I enjoy both and I believe that is part of how I keep going through my health issues. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis several years ago. To say they slow me down would be an accurate statement, but they do not control my zeal for life. I learned to lean on the Lord for everything in my life, including these two illnesses. It is through Him that I find the strength to keep going and do what I enjoy doing. My family and my business are both beautiful gifts from Him so I do not take them for granted. Instead I seek ways to show the Lord how much I do appreciate every aspect of my life, including my illnesses.

You seem have an amazing relationship with God and speak freely about it in fact it is one of the things that drew me to your blog. How long have you been a Christian? And what has the journey been like?

I have known about Christ since I was a small child, but my personal true relationship with Him did not start until later in life. I grew up in a Christian family and have always loved Jesus as long as I could remember. I did not get serious about walking with Him until my 30s. I went through the defiant phase of life from my teens to my 20s and lived a very miserable existence. I knew the Lord was there and I knew I loved Him, but I did not have a true understanding of what it meant to really know Him.

When I truly gave my life to Him and began a daily walk with Him my life changed dramatically. I have felt true peace and happiness ever since!

Based on what you know about life now, what will you tell your 16-year-old self?

I would tell her to put Jesus first and stick to that walk with Him. I really wish I could do so because I would have saved myself an awful lot of struggle and pain, but then again, we grow and learn strength in our sufferings so maybe they were all needed for me to be the woman I am now!

Do you prefer to shop in super markets or farmers markets and why?

I adore farmers markets and will shop at one any chance I get! I enjoy talking with the people who have grown the foods. They are fascinating to listen to and you can feel the love they pour out over every single piece of food they grow. I also find that there are more choices for organic foods at the farmers markets than the supermarket.

What are your go to recipes when you cook for a large family gathering?

I am from the south and family gatherings there usually revolve around BBQ. While I have been known to BBQ some awesome chicken and beef, my talent is found more in the side dishes! I love to make potato salad and have an amazing secret family recipe for that! I also enjoy eating vegan and vegetarian meals and find that the majority of my meals fall into that category lately and because of that I have come up with an amazingly delicious fruit salad recipe that is usually a winner at gatherings as well. Taking that dish allows me to eat my vegan dish without cutting out the BBQ that everyone else loves so much.


What is your favourite American meal of all time?

Pizza!!!! I love a good homemade vegetarian pizza with fresh veggies and herbs!!!


Veggie Quinoa Pizza Jane Reed

What is your favourite meal of all time?

I would have to say my Chickenless Parmesan recipe! Before removing meat from my diet I loved chicken parmesan so I had to adapt in such a way I could still enjoy my favorite meal! I have to say I enjoy the meatless version better!!



By now you must be buzzing with encouragement and inspiration :-)…Told you!

Please visit and follow her blog – www.thegreentomatoexperience.com; you will be glad you did.

See you again soon with another refreshing post.


*photo credits: www.thegreentomatoexperience.com and Jane Reed*

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