I have always dreamt of visiting Paris but never have. Not for want of trying though; while I studied in the UK I did get a French visa and had a great weekend planned with my friends but course work and deadlines squashed that idea. Then there was that time, many years ago, that my family planned a vacation to Disney, Paris until my dad’s work schedule got in the way. Yet again, a few weeks ago hubby, the boys and I planned yet another trip to this “elusive” city but the French consulate felt differently about our intended visit….ah well….. C’est la vie, non?

So today, I will travel to Paris via the web! Yep! No course work, or hectic schedule to interrupt and no visa required!

The lure of the city for me is about it’s history and it’s food. Just the prospect of wandering around the streets and markets and eating proper patisseries leaves me in a happy day dream.

So here’s what a perfect day in Paris with hubby would be like…..

After a hearty breakfast filled with delicious freshly baked yummies from the infamous bakery, Du pains et des ideés, we would set out for the Palais de Tokyo to soak up some culture and contemporary art.




Filled with contemporary artistic expression and armed with newly acquired cultural knowledge, we will progress to a bistro for a light lunch of sandwiches and other nibbles before heading for le marché d’enfants rouges: a tented haven of culture and food.


We will sample the different offerings hence the light lunch, wandering around without a care in world taking pictures and finally speaking French IN Paris!



As avid foodies, our dinner destination has to be magnefique and memorable, so Femi scours the various options. From Les gourmets des ternes to Possilipo he’s stumped, not because he doesn’t know which to choose but simply because their websites are in immaculately written French. I am waiting to be thrilled and refuse to get involved……errrrr not to mention that I am not confident I can plough through that much French and come up with any tangible knowledge of what I may have read (or pretended to read 🙂 )

Femi is the family geek; he can find solutions even where none exist so it came as NO surprise when he simple found a great translation software that sorted out his dilemma. He was even so bold as to tell the Maître D’hôtel to consider having their restaurant Chain’s website translated by Smartling.

I was aghast! I tried to hide but alas…….I mean isn’t that a major faux pas from a cultural perspective? Anyway, since this is a dream of my ideal day in Paris, I guess it’s ok; especially since it make sense for prospective clients from around the world to be able to understand what they read on a website. 🙂

Back to my day dream…..so we wined and dined and had a fabulous evening.



And as we headed back to our hotel, all I could think to myself was, tomorrow we must have crepes for breakfast….you all know I loooooovvveee my crepes 🙂 ………Oh! Yes! And we must have chocolate too!



What was your dream vacation like? Please share, especially if you had to use sign language and a dictionary to communicate! 🙂

Photo credits: all pictures used in this post were courtesy of buzzfeed.com – www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/the-ultimate-parisian-guide-to-paris

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