Cloud computing is not that novel a concept; I have been using cloud computing for over 2 decades! Yep you read right 🙂 You know how, you have tonnes of ideas, info and just stuff that you “plan” to put in writing ONE day? Well I have a gazillion bits of such data floating around in my head, stored away in different folders……….so that makes me the ultimate geek right? speaking of geeks…..this post is about a super geek I met a couple of months ago; this post is at least 5 months over due……..ok, before your eyes glaze over this post IS about food but hear me out.

The web is an amazing environment if you know how to navigate it; I belong to a foodie group on FB called “So You Think Yo for u Can Cook” or SYTYCC. It’s awesome! You meet the weird and the wonderful there. It didn’t take long before a young lady stood out for the simple reason that her meal concepts and recipes stood out. I was intrigued and you know me, when I am intrigued, what do I do? All together now, “I cyber stalk!” Her blog is just filled all sorts of amazing info and she take a time to break things down; even the most intricate recipes. And get this, she has managed to make meal preparations, especially Nigerian food a cinch. All sorts of nifty tricks for making laborious processes easier. And talk about modernizing the Nigerian cuisine, she has that down too. Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at Dooney’s Kitchen

In no time, we established a rapport of sorts and even started calling each other. She lives in the United Kingdom and I live in Nigeria but the expensive international call costs didn’t stop us from nattering on like old friends. She seemed nice, open and very very friendly so when she announced that she would be visiting Lagos, Nigeria it only made sense that we meet up!

After having met her, I can tell you authoritatively, that she is not nice, calling her friendly is just a lie!

Let me explain, she had a busy schedule so we decided that it would be better for her to come visit me at home. After navigating impossible traffic and dealing with a less than intelligent taxi driver, she arrived at about 5.30 pm. I rushed out to receive her and was met with a petite elegant lady who’s pictures belie her true beauty! The first words out of my mouth were “Welcome but I don’t like you much, how come you’re so small”? …..I know, I need to work on my social graces! But seriously! Who cooks all that food and remain svelte and elegant!?? WHO????? Is there no justice in this world?? ?

Anyway, she totters into the house lugging shopping bags filled with gifts for me and the choc boys! I couldn’t believe it! I am thinking “but we only just met”! Calling her “nice” or “friendly” is a disservice. She’s truly a special person; warm, giving and DOWN – TO – EARTH!!!

In no time, we are talking about all and sundry including her grueling ordeal at the airport. On her arrival it took the better part of four hours before she could depart the airport or reach her parents for that matter. All this drama because the airport was undergoing renovations……go figure….

So, it was early evening and it was only proper to offer this lady something to eat. Problem was, I didn’t make anything social for her because A. I didn’t know what to offer her B. I didn’t know what to offer her C. I didn’t know what to offer her and D. I didn’t know what to offer her. Now, I know you’re probably wondering if I am off my rocker but please before you judge me, go to this site and then tell me what you would offer a person who can throw down like that?!

I offered her sautéed potatoes and meatballs and guess what she liked it! She actually ate it and asked for more meatballs! I swear the hallelujah chorus was playing! Over her meal, she revealed her picky eating habits which almost drove her mum nuts, the long list of foods that will not pass her lips and her key strategies for avoiding eating foods she hates. By the time she was done I whispered a prayer of gratitude for dodging all those bullets!!

The evening ended with us taking a gazillion selfies! It was mad fun! I was sorry to see her go because we got on like a house on fire.



Dunni Obata runs Dooney’s Kitchen as well as working full time as an IT expert; her role is so complicated that I don’t even quite fully grasp what she does… But I a know that she is multitalented and real; that’s the truth.

Today is the International day of the woman and if you are women reading this post, please take a moment to ensure that you’re life has meaning. Ensure that you aren’t just existing; Dare to Dream!

2 replies on “Dooney Rooney: The Truth!

  • Gloria Lawson

    What an awesome post! You so sound like a woman after my own heart. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dunni and also thought “how come you are so small?” And I then proceeded to call her small but mighty! (Don’t steal my phrase please, lol! I have also asked how she manages to do all she does and work full time – clearly this girl does not sleep. I have tried many of her dishes and can truly say she is a gifted cook! Full props to her – and you, by the sound of things!

    • nkemdilim

      Hi Gloria! I am thrilled to know that someone else shares my sentiments! Lol! I have t had the pleasure of tasting her cooking yet but I have no doubts! Thanks for stopping by!


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