Today, Nigeria celebrates 55 years as an independent Nation. But the question on many people’s minds, would be, “So what???!!” There are so many things that are wrong with the country but there are also so many things that are right.

By no stretch of the imagination are we, as a country, attaining all that we can and should but I know that the cream will rise to the top. If every single person who believes in this country committed to restoring Nigeria through, diligence, forthrightness, patience, kindness and prayers, tangible, positive, sustainable change will be established. Please forgive the flurry of adjectives ?

So I embarked on making this cake on whim yesterday and I am happy with how it turned out especially since I was up till 2.30 am asking myself how I got myself into what had literally become a sticky situation?

But I would say it was worth it. I am happy with how it looks and what it represents.

The cake comprises two layers of lemon poppy seed cake and one layer of lemon blueberry cake. I chose these flavours because life is not always syrupy and sweet but has sour spots (tangy lemon) and bursts of goodness (represented by blueberries and poppy seeds). I believe a combo of these is what makes life what it is.

The 3 tiers represent the three arms of government; the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. The lollipop toppings represent the people of Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian reading this, yes, you are a lollipop ?.
The colors dripping down the cake represent our unity as well as the fact that we should be in tune with the 3 tiers; one and the same.

It sounds all so idealistic but remember what I said earlier?

One of the expressions I learned at an early age is, “Life is not all cake, there are flies on it”. My dad taught me that when I was about 9 years old. And he would add “It is your business to keep the flies off so that you can enjoy your own share of the cake”. 

So, get your fly swats out and let’s get rid of the flies that are preventing us from enjoying our country.

This is my country and I believe in Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.