The silence on this blog has been so loud that it is deafening. Strange because the quiet belies the flurry of activities that have surround Food Fashion Fusion.

I have missed writing and sharing my kitchen exploits; indeed I have been involved in a few adventures over the past few months.

The most notable of them is that we set up shop 6 odd months ago…..well not really a shop but we now have a studio, a factory, a production base, a gathering place, an office….call it what you will but it really is not a shop in the walk-in-and-buy-something-off-the-shelf-kinda-way. In fact there are no shelves.

So yes, I have vacated my kitchen and my home no longer looks like a tornado has taken up permanent residence in it. I have to admit that the process has been tedious but so worth it and I am eager to share some of our activities with you.

As soon as we moved in October, after extensive battles with all manners of artisans from, painters, plumbers, carpenters to gardeners, we landed two major catering gigs. One was for the launch of Grace Foods’ products in Nigeria and the other was for the launch of the luxury arm of a Rental and Events company called Rent-a-Party.

Dunn’s River Spice Table Display at the Grace Foods Launch

Slices of Banana bread for days!

Canap├ęs spread at Rent-a-Party Launch event

Both clients were very specific about what they required of us and they were both very detail oriented. The pressure was on but we executed it flawlessly. It was such a buzz!
Around this time we also officially joined instagram; all thanks to Femi who literally dragged me on kicking and screaming…..although I will admit now that has proven to be a useful marketing and communication tool.

Shortly afterwards, we went into the busy festive end of year season and it was a bake-a-thon. We baked, canned, preserved, packaged and delivered to all parts of Nigeria until we could barely move!!

By the new year, we had settled in nicely and felt ready to spread the FFF gospel.

 There is so much more to share with you so please come back soon.?