There is no point plonking down a plate of odd-looking food in front of a typical Nigerian and expect the person to touch it (even with a barge pole); it’s just not going to happen.

Yet, I feel strongly that food should be dynamic but relevant to the culture in which it is being served.

Enter my friend “dakuwa”. Dakuwa is a snack indigenous to the people of Northern Nigeria. It is peanutty, maizey, sweet, and mildly spicy orb that I was fortunate enough to eat quite a bit of as a child because I come from a multi-cultural family.



My Aunt, my mum’s older sister, lived in Kano for while and anytime she came to visit she would bring lots of local Northern treats; dakuwa was my favourite.

Today, I still love eating them but I felt that the could be applied in more modern ways; and I have done so, successfully, if I might add.

I have dipped them in chocolate, applied them to the bases of cheesecakes and one of my favourite citrus cake desserts. The full recipe for his dairy free, gluten-free wonder can be found here and I have also used them as a garnish on a dessert plate.

Now, if you ask me, this is an amazing way of introducing a known food a in modern unusual way.

Please watch this short video to learn more about my dessert inspiration. And please subscribe to our Youtube channel while you are at it 🙂

The video was produced by Shayo Oke. She’s an amazing young lady who run’s Suss Productions and Pastel Productions.


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