There is so much excitement! I can’t stand it! Ok, I’ll settle down and try to stay coherent.

A few months ago (late last year) I was invited to join an online foodie community called Kitchen Connection. It seemed simple enough; sign up, log in etc.

I connected with the ethos of the group and approved of their partnership with Action Against Hunger.

Then things got interesting when there was a request for members to fill in questionnaires and have aprons shipped over as a “Thank You”. It wasn’t the prospect of getting the apron that intrigued me; it was the fact that the apron actually arrived and in time too. I felt like I had received a visit from Santa! The Nigerian Postal Service actually works! Who knew?? πŸ™‚

KC Apron

Kitchen Connection has been on a monthly world tour; going from country to country exploring the food and culture of each location and guess what? This month it is all about Nigeria! Yep! May is Nigeria Month!

But it gets even better, on May 29th, 2016, your truly will be sharing a favourite Nigerian recipe with Kitchen Connection members and anyone else in the world who joins in.It will be all about our beloved yam pottage aka Asaro on that day.

Whole Foods is sponsoring this event and will be streaming the live cooking class in one of the Whole Foods Outlets in New Jersey.

This event is doubly special because it will happen on the day that Nigeria celebrates Democracy day. I truly feel honoured and patriotic of course πŸ™‚

Kitchen Connection Poster

Can you feel the excitement? Are you buzzing yet? Ok, stop hopping around and sign up! Did I mention that all proceeds from this event go to Action Against Hunger as well as Whole Foods’ charity; Whole Planet? Well I just did πŸ™‚

A quote from the Kitchen Connection site says,

β€œI’m eating –You’re eating β€” and because We’re eating together, Someone else is eating too.”

For me this caps it off nicely, so let’s connect!

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