The holidays are finally over and it was not with a small measure of glee that I packed up the boys and sent them off to school yesterday! They looked happy enough about it too  🙂


I remember those long vacations that we had between terms when I was ……….this is hard for me to say…….when I was a child.

Please give me second to mourn the fact that I cannot even lay remote claims to youthfulness. I mean when did this happen? When did it all go horribly wrong? One minute my ears were filled with “Wait till you grow up”, “When you are an adult then you can go here and do this”……and NOW my ears are filled with the screeching screams (of both joy and inconsolable sorrow) of my two overfed, ricocheting children. Yes, CHILDREN! I am a mom! And everywhere I go I am greeted with “Good afternoon Ma”, “Welcome Ma”. Am I trundling along with a zimmer frame? Am I bent over and wrinkled………okay lets back away from the wrinkles……..that is too much to even consider!!

Rant over.

Back to the thrust of my post: Simply put – I am no longer “young” but when I was, I yearned for fun things to do over long vacations! And hey presto that is how The FFF Holiday was born! :-); Phew! A much easier and less painful explanation, n’est-ce pas?

The FFF Holiday is basically a cooking and lifestyle programme for pre-teens and teenagers.

We concluded the first cycle of the programme on August 18 and it was an amazing 3 days. The sessions incorporated elements of baking, cooking and drinks preparations. We also had sessions on general home keeping as well as personal development sessions focused on etiquette and goal setting.

Participants received our amazing aprons as well as a starter kit to get them pottering in the kitchen. They also got to take home all the deliciousness that they cooked up in the FFF Food Lab.


It was creative, fun and empowering. FFF Partnered with Hajara Pitan, CEO of Tes Amore and she brought with her graciousness and artistic expression. She took the goal setting which made was sent us on an introspective journey into our future. The candle-making sessions were so enjoyable that I had to remind myself that I couldn’t eat the candles; they looked and smelled amazing.


We also partnered with Izehi Anuge, CEO of Eleanor Thompson. This lady is so gracious and elegant that on that day, I hobbled to work in a pair of heels for fear of looking like an urchin beside her.  She took the session on Etiquette and Social Conduct; let’s just say that at the end of it, we all sat a little straighter and made better eye contact with one another! LOL

Working with these ladies was awesome because we share similar values and we are all passionate about what we do. But wait for the best part; we are ALL Lawyers! Isn’t that amazing? Who says Lawyers are boring? 🙂

At the core of it, we cooked up a storm; Muffins, Macarons, Chicken Ballotines, Roast and so much more!

There were lots to do, to eat and take home to family and friends and we can’t wait to do it all again over the next long vacation!





To know more about Hajara Pitan and her company, Tes Amore, please check out her Instagram page @owambecandles or email her at

To learn all about Izehi Anuge and her work, please visit her Instgarm page @eleanorthompsonsolutions or visiting her website; Eleanor Thompson