With each passing year, I approach the end of year in relative shock not quite comprehending how time passed so quickly. This year is no exception, there is one day left in 2016 and it’s mind boggling to me.
What is even more amazing is the amount of cakes we churned out. Never mind that we are not a bakery or patisserie. Let’s also not forget the tiny fact that no FFF staff member has any formal baking (or cooking) training whatsoever but someone how we cranked out cake after cake after cake.

The hallmark of our cakes is that we use entirely edible elements on them. Although we admire the creativity that fondant covered cakes deliver, we don’t care much for fondant.

This year we buttercreamed, ganached, sprinkled, gold foiled, chocolate caged and goodness knows what else our cakes to yield some pretty remarkable creations.

In not particular order, here our some of our favorite cakes of the year.

We also made so many cheesecakes that it was not possible to capture them all in pictures. But here a few of them;

There were a few interesting cupcakes; from hi-hats to green velvet cuppies.

It would be safe to say that it was a sweet year. The year was made even sweeter by the unwavering support of friends and family. From my best friend who buys every appliance, gadget and organic ingredient imaginable, to my Grand Soeur  who filled my life with sprinkles, and gold leaf and glittery dust. How can I forget my Nwa nne’m in France who sent me the most astounding package filled with even more colour, recipe books and loads of props.

I have a friend in South Africa who will support me even if I put a piece of coal on my dp; she sent me the most beautiful cook book.

How about my husband who takes stunning pictures of our cakes and transforms them through his lense.

And then there is the FFF team; my crew who are in the front line with me, day and night supporting me as we create and innovate.

Please forgive me for not disclosing the full identity of the people listed above; they don’t care much for publicity but I just had to divulge the fact that my journey has not gone unsupported.

The truth is that it would be impossible for me to list every single person who has supported the FFF dream but it is possible to express my gratitude.

For everyone who has supported me I am humbled and grateful and I look ahead with excitement and fresh aspirations.

Happy New Year in advance.

4 replies on “2016 was the Year of Cakes

  • mywritingsforchrist

    Wow what a beautiful write up hunnie!!! Filled with colour, creativity and all things yummie! Well done for 2016! WOW!! May 2017 bring even more colour, surprises, lovely clients and all things great for FFF!!! In a way I am glad I am far so I can admire these from afar & not become morbidly obese from stuffing my face with these cakes (phew!) but on the other hand I wish you were here cus I have a big party this January and I have offered to bring the 40th bday cake(s). I have seen no one with such creativity here that will create what I would love. Going to baking school is great, but when God gives you a gift & blesses your hands….then no one can take that from you…..all will see, & even experts will bow. In the words of Glowreeyah, “oh my God, I exclamation you!!”

    Conclusion: We need your skills & FFF lab up in here! So after the exclamation, I have a question: “when will FFF open its European branch????” Affaire à suivre….

    • nkemdilim

      My darling! You are such a blessing! Such an encourager! I wish you were here to because your positivity godliness and taste testing skills will definitely propel me 🙂 I wish I could make that cake for you! Oh what a joy it would be!! I trust that I God’s time FFF will expand. I don’t even try to take charge of the company’s destiny without checking with God first and the moment he leads me to Europe trust me I will be there faster than a speeding bullet. Tu me manques ma Chere soeur xoxo


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