The ethos that underpins food fashion fusion (FFF) is making every day food an extraordinary experience.

We achieve this by presenting our meals uniquely and using fresh produce and good quality ingredients to prepare them. Our meals are also relatable as we incorporate a lot of locally grown produce into our recipes.

In bringing delicious foods to our clients we experiment with various flavours and textures in our food lab yielding surprising delights.


I am a food nut and have been cooking since I was 8 years old. I am also a lawyer and hold a Masters degree in International Economic Law. After working in various organizations; from law firms, various private sector companies, to foreign and local NGOs, at the pinnacle of my career, I chose to take a step and re-evaluate my life. In 2013, just before I had my second son, I decided that my children and family needed me more than any job, so I resigned. And by faith in God alone, I really began to build Food Fashion Fusion into a proper business.

You may wonder what the connection between food and fashion is; well think about every time you have attended an event, weddings, dinner, cocktails, funerals, tea parties, birthday parties, board meetings, PTA meetings etc, what has been the one constant feature at these outings? Yes, that’s right, food. Then when you consider the fact that you probably spent considerable time choosing what to wear and getting dressed, I think the penny has dropped. Oh! And let’s not forget about “edible fashion“….I rest my case ?

But seriously, I strive to showcase local and foreign foods in a unique way, emphasizing the interplay between flavours, textures, and appearance. I mean why shouldn’t food be beautiful? After all, it is said that we eat with our eyes first. I push the boundaries of presentation by infusing what I call “food fashion” in the meals I prepare.

I love to dress up as much as I love food and I couldn’t possibly think of two topics that I would be content to write about regularly.

I have a husband who is such a willing participant in my Food Lab (Flab) experiments that it’s such a thrill to roll out the dishes. With his willing and critical palette, amazing photography and my need to go the extra mile, we make a good team. My sons inhale my meals with reckless abandon which is really gratifying, now when I cook it’s like cooking for a small army.

And now, apart from my adoring family, I have a growing clientele base of amazing people who love my cooking and pay for my services! Food Fashion Fusion is now a growing business! I also write the food column of “Working Moms” magazine and have featured on Bellanaija, Femmelounge, and Naijahousewives.

My affair with fashion is purely personal and I love to infuse originality in my style. My appetite for bags and shoes is rivaled only by my love for dark chocolate.

I choose to honour God in all I do; I believe that I am surrounded by beauty and seek to recognise this everyday.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts……..welcome ?