With each passing year, I approach the end of year in relative shock not quite comprehending how time passed so quickly. This year is no exception, there is one day left in 2016 and it’s mind boggling to me.
What is even more amazing is the amount of cakes we churned out. Never mind that we are not a bakery or patisserie. Let’s also not forget the tiny fact that no FFF staff member has any formal baking (or cooking) training whatsoever but someone how we cranked out cake after cake after cake.

The hallmark of our cakes is that we use entirely edible elements on them. Although we admire the creativity that fondant covered cakes deliver, we don’t care much for fondant.

This year we buttercreamed, ganached, sprinkled, gold foiled, chocolate caged and goodness knows what else our cakes to yield some pretty remarkable creations.

In not particular order, here our some of our favorite cakes of the year.

We also made so many cheesecakes that it was not possible to capture them all in pictures. But here a few of them;

There were a few interesting cupcakes; from hi-hats to green velvet cuppies.

It would be safe to say that it was a sweet year. The year was made even sweeter by the unwavering support of friends and family. From my best friend who buys every appliance, gadget and organic ingredient imaginable, to my Grand Soeur  who filled my life with sprinkles, and gold leaf and glittery dust. How can I forget my Nwa nne’m in France who sent me the most astounding package filled with even more colour, recipe books and loads of props.

I have a friend in South Africa who will support me even if I put a piece of coal on my dp; she sent me the most beautiful cook book.

How about my husband who takes stunning pictures of our cakes and transforms them through his lense.

And then there is the FFF team; my crew who are in the front line with me, day and night supporting me as we create and innovate.

Please forgive me for not disclosing the full identity of the people listed above; they don’t care much for publicity but I just had to divulge the fact that my journey has not gone unsupported.

The truth is that it would be impossible for me to list every single person who has supported the FFF dream but it is possible to express my gratitude.

For everyone who has supported me I am humbled and grateful and I look ahead with excitement and fresh aspirations.

Happy New Year in advance.

It’s not always possible to know the depth of one’s ability until a challenge is staring you in the face.

A few weeks ago, when my friend Joke, contacted me to ask if I could create food art for an event, I had never done anything like that before on a large-scale.

Sure, I had a folder full of such artistic expressions on Pinterest and had pottered around with smaller projects but never for public consumption.

Fast forward to the GTB Fashion Weekend which took place between November 12 – 13, 2016 in Lagos, and Food Fashion Fusion had the opportunity to showcase its creativity for the event’s VIP Lounge.


It was tough going but with the support of my entire family; my bestie who believes that I can perform brain surgery if I put my mind to it, my husband who just wants me to “Do it!”, my parents who believe that I can perform magic, a crack team and the support of some amazing female entrepreneurs, we created some pretty unique food-fashion installations.

The process was messy and the FFF studio looked like a food hurricane passed through, threw up and the made two more passes.


We’re still cleaning up, a week after the event 🙂 but we have no regrets.

We made necklaces, dresses, handbags and miniature portraits all designed with different kinds of foods. Nothing was off-limits; fresh chilis, quails’ eggs, coated fennel seeds, “Ridi”; a sesame seed snack from Northern Nigeria, all came into play to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

But we didn’t stop there, the bags were decorated with everything from Himalayan Pink salt, cacao nibs to Craisins. These bags were crafted by the talented Haowa Bello, CEO of Maison Coquette and the onus was on the FFF team to  enhance them appropriately; we  think that we did well on that front. 🙂

I couldn’t keep my hands of them; talk about irresistible arm candy.

Our centerpieces were Candice and Bianca; oh how these dressed challenged us. We must have used at least four different types of glue to complete these pieces. The well-tailored blank canvases were made by the talented Ronke Madariola, CEO, Kim Couture.

Demure Bianca was made up of Tapioca, Mentos,  and communion wafers while Candice, her fun-loving sister was made up of vibrant marshmallows, macarons and rice flakes.

Can you tell ho much we loved these dresses? 🙂

We took the theme further by setting out dessert candles to lend ambiance to the place; they looked and smelled good enough to eat! In fact, we had to ensure that they remained lit so that guests wouldn’t be tempted to taste them :-).

Owambe Candles by Tes Amore was the source of these striking candles and to be quite frank, I have never met someone as invested and interested in scents and candle-making as Hajara Pitan, CEO, Tes Amore.

All in all it was a good outing and I got to meet up with some friends.


The FFF team learnt a lot from the experience and we finally got to test run what it would be like to be in each other’s personal space for almost 72 consecutive hours. It wasn’t too bad 🙂

By the grace of God alone, we lived up to our name; “Food Fashion Fusion”



To know more about Owambe Candles please check out their instgram page

To know more about Kim Couture check out their instagram page

To know more about Maison Coquette check out their Instagram page

All professional photos were taken by Ikechukwu Okwechime. You can view his amazing work here

The holidays are finally over and it was not with a small measure of glee that I packed up the boys and sent them off to school yesterday! They looked happy enough about it too  🙂


I remember those long vacations that we had between terms when I was ……….this is hard for me to say…….when I was a child.

Please give me second to mourn the fact that I cannot even lay remote claims to youthfulness. I mean when did this happen? When did it all go horribly wrong? One minute my ears were filled with “Wait till you grow up”, “When you are an adult then you can go here and do this”……and NOW my ears are filled with the screeching screams (of both joy and inconsolable sorrow) of my two overfed, ricocheting children. Yes, CHILDREN! I am a mom! And everywhere I go I am greeted with “Good afternoon Ma”, “Welcome Ma”. Am I trundling along with a zimmer frame? Am I bent over and wrinkled………okay lets back away from the wrinkles……..that is too much to even consider!!

Rant over.

Back to the thrust of my post: Simply put – I am no longer “young” but when I was, I yearned for fun things to do over long vacations! And hey presto that is how The FFF Holiday was born! :-); Phew! A much easier and less painful explanation, n’est-ce pas?

The FFF Holiday is basically a cooking and lifestyle programme for pre-teens and teenagers.

We concluded the first cycle of the programme on August 18 and it was an amazing 3 days. The sessions incorporated elements of baking, cooking and drinks preparations. We also had sessions on general home keeping as well as personal development sessions focused on etiquette and goal setting.

Participants received our amazing aprons as well as a starter kit to get them pottering in the kitchen. They also got to take home all the deliciousness that they cooked up in the FFF Food Lab.


It was creative, fun and empowering. FFF Partnered with Hajara Pitan, CEO of Tes Amore and she brought with her graciousness and artistic expression. She took the goal setting which made was sent us on an introspective journey into our future. The candle-making sessions were so enjoyable that I had to remind myself that I couldn’t eat the candles; they looked and smelled amazing.


We also partnered with Izehi Anuge, CEO of Eleanor Thompson. This lady is so gracious and elegant that on that day, I hobbled to work in a pair of heels for fear of looking like an urchin beside her.  She took the session on Etiquette and Social Conduct; let’s just say that at the end of it, we all sat a little straighter and made better eye contact with one another! LOL

Working with these ladies was awesome because we share similar values and we are all passionate about what we do. But wait for the best part; we are ALL Lawyers! Isn’t that amazing? Who says Lawyers are boring? 🙂

At the core of it, we cooked up a storm; Muffins, Macarons, Chicken Ballotines, Roast and so much more!

There were lots to do, to eat and take home to family and friends and we can’t wait to do it all again over the next long vacation!





To know more about Hajara Pitan and her company, Tes Amore, please check out her Instagram page @owambecandles or email her at owambecandles@gmail.com

To learn all about Izehi Anuge and her work, please visit her Instgarm page @eleanorthompsonsolutions or visiting her website; Eleanor Thompson